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Become a 58-eight agent


"When I started 58-eight I wanted to do something that as many people as possible could participate in, in a real and meaningful way. This is why I have created the 58-eight Agency program.

As a 58-eight agent you are able to help many people onto the path of a financial stress free life, while earning a significant income. What could be better than getting paid to help other people?"

Mel da Silva - Founder of 58-eight

Be a part of it!

How does it work?

As a 58-eight agent you bring customers who are over indebted to the 58-eight debt counsellors for assistance. This means that you will either find your own customers or contact leads supplied to you by 58-eight. Once contacted you take the potential customer through a process where you establish that they are eligible for our product and then help them to make an application to 58-eight for Debt Counselling. 

This application consists of an application form accompanied by copies of the customer's ID, pay slip and bank statement.

58-eight provide you with their cutting edge system to do all of this.  All you need is your own laptop, headset and internet connectivity and leads. Our system produces all the documents you need and the customer can even sign them online.

At 58-eight we work hard to make it as easy as possible for our agents to introduce customers to us, so we provide any training  necessary as well as a community of members where you can share experiences and tips with other agents, and so grow together.

Not Employment

As a 58-eight agent you are not an employee of the company. This means that you can work whenever and wherever you like. 

No bounds

You can introduce as many or as few customers as you like. For every customer that is signed up you will be paid an introduction fee or an ongoing monthly commission, depending on the product.

How much can I earn?

There is no limit to your earnings. 58-eight pay you 50% of the professional fee that we charge to the customer. This fee varies depending on the customer's circumstances. You will also earn great commission on other products on our credit gateway, such as consolidation loans, Judgement removal and more.

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