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Free Credit Checkup

We believe passionately in your financial wellness, that is why we are offering our online credit health assessment  ABSOLUTELY FREE for you. Let us help you to hugely reduce your debt payments to a level you can afford with the right product for you.


Here at 58-eight we have gone the extra mile to create a way to help ordinary South Africans manage their debt in a healthy manner. Let us show you how to improve your credit rating which will give you access to cheaper credit over time.

Who am I dealing with?


Hi. My name is Mel da Silva. With 33  years experience in banking, lending and debt rehabilitation I wanted to create something to help my fellow South Africans.

The Credit Health report that you will get here is unique in that it does not only tell you what your score is and highlight any problems on your report, but also provides you with the means to fix it. The report is absolutely free - I give you my word.


You have nothing to loose and everything to gain from understanding your status.  Knowledge is Power.

Financial Wellness starts here

What is the catch?

Yes we've also heard the term "There is no such thing as a free lunch".


We provide a range of debt rehabilitation services and products to our customers, but we also pledge to keep our free credit report just that, FREE. If you think that we can help you with anything, you can apply online then and there.


No pesky phone calls. No call centers, just honest advice and guidance.

We've got this

You can check your Credit Report regularly. This will have no effect on your Credit Score.

We will never spam you with unwanted offers

Safe and Secure

Your data matters

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Can we talk instead?

Of course! Although our self service portal is super easy to use, we understand that does not suite everyone. Leave your name and number here and we'll give you a call back to take your details or discuss any aspect of your financial wellness.

Thanks for submitting!

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