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Have a Problem with your current Debt Counsellor?
Move your case to us today

58-eight is not like other Debt Counselling firms. Led by Mel da Silva, one of the first ten Debt Counsellors in South Africa, we take a personal interest in our customers. This is why, at 58-eight, every customer has a personal Debt Counsellor who is responsible for their case. We do not operate a call centre or ask our customers to speak with different people for different circumstances.

We hold ourselves to a high ethical standard that ensures only the most professional service is given. We will never:

  • Lie to our customers.

  • Make any recommendation for the purpose of improving our revenue, even when our recommendation places us in a worse position. This means we put our customers ahead of profit.

We also work hard to help you live a better financial life. We post useful information on our Expert Information blog and communicate regularly with useful tips andhacks on making your money stretch. We are serious about the annual review we do with our customers and always offer them the best option based on their current circumstances. This can often cut years off the debt review process.

How does a Debt Review Transfer work?


Click on this button to apply for a transfer. By filling in the form and submitting your ID you will be giving us permission to request a transfer from your Debt Counsellor.


Your current Debt Counsellor must authorise the transfer within seven days or give reasons for not authorising it.


We will take the time to fully understand your situation and pick up the process from where it was left off.


58-eight  will request the transfer via the National Credit Regulator (NCR).


We will obtain all of your documentation from your previous debt counsellor. This can sometimes cause a small delay


You can look forward to an excellent and professional Debt Counselling experience

Transfer  Q&A

Will 58-eight definitely take my case?

Yes, we will, providing that your existing Debt Counsellor does not block the transfer. He or she may only do this if you are in arrears with your Debt Counselling fees.

Will I have to explain why I am moving to my previous Debt Counsellor?

Definitely not. We will handle the entire transfer and you do not need to have any contact with your previous Debt Counsellor.

How long will it take to move my case?

It takes up to seven days to affect the transfer. Once your case is transferred to us, we will obtain your documentation and then contact you to make arrangements for a consultation where we will do a thorough review of your situation. We can have the consultation face to face or by telephone or video conferencing, whichever is practical and what you prefer.

How much will it cost me to transfer?

58-eight do not charge you to move your case to us. Our costs are regulated by the National Credit Regulator and are most likely to be the same as your current costs.

I don’t have a Court Order yet. Can I still transfer?

You can transfer at any stage of the Debt Review. If your current Debt Counsellor has not finalised your case, then he or she must refund all of the fees up to the point of the transfer.

What if I was placed into Debt Review without my knowledge?

We will still welcome you as a customer and help you exit the Debt Review. Part of the process will be for us to help you to lodge a complaint against the Debt Counsellor that wrongfully placed you under Debt Review.

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