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How much does debt review cost?

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

The basic charges for Debt Counselling are regulated and you should expect to pay the same amount at whichever Debt Counsellor you choose to assist you to solve your over indebtedness.

As professionals 58-eight adhere scrupulously to the regulations and guidelines published by the National Credit Regulator. The actual cost of a Debt Review varies depending on your unique circumstances. When you apply we will explain each and every cost clearly and in writing. The costs will be made up of initial charges for setting up the process, a legal cost for obtaining the Court or Tribunal Order to protect you and then a small monthly charge until you are cleared.

58-eight supply a free credit bureau report, we do not require any up front payment and do not charge you for any investigation done before you apply. All costs are included in the payment plan which we agree with you and your lenders.

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